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2 March 2011

My Journey with PaleXO

My Journey with PaleXO

I am going to talk about this awesome group that  inspired me. Joining it was the first step into engaging in the community activities.

It was the beginning of the year when I saw a post on facebook about a workshop for teacher to teach them how to use this green little laptop that's part of OLPC program (one laptop per child), I learned that any volunteer is welcome to join this group, so next day I went to talk to the girl -Noura Salhi- who posted it, and I told her I am totally in. I wasn't that good as a student, and I skipped lots of classes, and this girl told me that they need committed people and there's a lot to do, and that maybe I should give it a thought before going into it, cause they don't need people just for the number.

I insisted on joining in, as I loved the idea, and I knew I would add a lot to this group, and my journey started.

It was the first time I join some activity other than university related stuff, and I was a member of the technical team, it was amazing how we worked together to make use of this small laptop that was distributed on the kids in different schools.
We arranged for school visits to spend a whole day with these kids, teaching them different activities they can do using the XO laptop.
I met lots of people from different departments of the university and learned a lot from each one of them.

I had this awesome team leader -Mohammad Khatib- that kept motivating us. Whenever we’re done making a manual for the XO laptop, he made us feel we did this huge great thing, and encouraged us with his attitude to do more and more. We even had a pizza party after our first successful workshop that was held for the teachers of the kids who had the XO laptops, as a treat.
We went to some restaurant after every school visit, to chat about what we did, and to take some rest after the long day we spent.

It was a really great atmosphere to work in, and I made some amazing friends that accompanied me on other activities. I even started this startup (www.bazinga.ps) with couple of friends I met through PaleXO.

We worked hard as volunteers making manuals, holding workshops for teachers, providing technical support, providing content on our website about our activities, visiting schools, and spending time with kids teaching them about their new laptops.

I learned the true meaning of voluntary work, and I felt awesome about what I do. It’s been a year now, and it was the best year of my life!

Nice journey :)

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